Shiraz Tourist Attractions

Shiraz is a major tourist destination in Iran which attracts tourists from all over the world. This beautiful city offers loads to the tourists with its array of attractions that are located in a green plain. The city is situated at the foothills of Zagros Mountains lying on the southwest Iran, with a moderate climate. The city enjoys the visit of numerous travelers and every travel is made enchanting with the tourist attractions in Shiraz. The Shiraz tourist attractions are truly an integral part of the Shiraz tours. Not only in the city but also in some areas around it.


Tourists coming down to Shiraz must not miss the chance to visit the Persepolis. The Persepolis, Shiraz is a must to every itinerary to Shiraz for its beauty the grandeur and history. It is a major Shiraz Tourist attraction which represents the grandeur of the Persian Empire. The Persepolis, Shiraz is situated at the center...
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Hafez Tomb

Mausoleum of Hafez (1324-1391), the greatest master of Persian lyric poetry and the literary giant of the 14th century in the west and central Asia, was born in Shiraz, lived all his life here, sang its praises in unsurpassed verse and was buried in a garden known after him as the Hafezieh, in the northeast...
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Eram Garden

Eram Garden (Bagh-e-eram) – Highly recommended. This stunningly beautiful complex contains a vast network of gardens, as well as a colorful palace and a system of small artificial rivers flowing throughout the entire area. Tourists can admire the wonderful flora or follow the little canals’ intricate system. Make sure the weather is sunny before coming...
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Sa’adi Tomb

Mausoleum of Saadi: Here lie the earthly remains of one of Iran’s greatest poets-Saadi. Even from the very early days after the poet’s death, the mausoleum of Saadi became a place of pilgrimage to lovers of poetry and literature. In 1808 AD Karim Khan Zand renovated the mausoleum. The tomb was rebuilt in the early...
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Shah Cheragh

Seyed Amir Ahmad, known as Shah-e Cheragh, the brother of Imam Reza, came to Shiraz in the latter half of the 8th century. He passed away in the city and his tomb is now a respected place of pilgrimage. The structure, tile work and the dome of the mausoleum have been rebuilt several times over...
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